How technology is proving a game changer for the Real estate sector?

Technology adoption for real estate

Technology has made it easier for customers and companies to use technology in all spheres of their lives. Every industry reaps the benefits of improved integration and adoption technology, from fast-moving consumer goods to automotive industry to consumer durable sector to eCommerce.

Real estate is also adapting to the rapid pace of technology adoption. They are now embracing innovative solutions across multiple business areas simultaneously. Technology is changing the way customers interact with the real estate industry. It is very encouraging to see that the majority of the operational functions and procedural processes in the real estate market have been digitalized. This is great news for the industry.

Propdial – Leading technology start up in property management

Property Management is the most affected by technology adoption. The technology revolution has transformed the way property management is done in real estate. It allows you to show the property online, board tenants online and even raise requests for service partners online. These functions are more efficient thanks to technology. Technology also reduces the overall cost structure of property management.

Propdial is a Gurgaon-based startup that helps Resident Indians and NRIs stay away from their homes. It offers a full range of services including property inspections and reports, tenant discovery and on-boarding, digitalized agreements & background checks, customized dashboards for tenants and owners, as well as customized dashboards for tenants and landlords.

Propdial is different from all the rest.

Propdial, India’s most trusted property management company, can be described as a one-stop shop for all things property management. This startup is a pioneer in remote property management and has earned a unique place in the market. These statistics show the popularity of Propdial among its customers.

  • More than 5000 satisfied customers have endorsed Propdial’s services.
  • It serves clients from over 50 countries, with an operational presence in 10 States and 20+ cities
  • It has already managed more than 2000 properties with great efficiency and client satisfaction (4.7/5 rating).
  • It has the highest client retention rate among all the business sectors in the country
  • It boasts a well-equipped ecosystem for property management that includes more than 200 service providers.

Second home services

Propdial recently entered a second home sharing ownership space, which is a further step in its expansion. This segment has seen a rise in popularity due to its growing income and increased interest in purchasing second property. Second property buyers have different expectations and needs than first property owners. This group of buyers-cum-investors is more focused on the second property’s potential investment value. They want their second property to provide recurring income and a high return on their investment. These owners want to be able to use the properties of other members of the community, either on a swap basis or their own.

Propdial was able to identify these hidden needs early and develop innovative solutions for second-home owners. These services include shared ownership, full property management, self-usage and high returns on investment. Propdial’s second home property management services are a huge success thanks to these innovative services. Propdial’s holistic property management solutions are being sought after by potential customers all over the world.

Future outlook and growth scenario

Propdial is a leader in property management on a global level, with a 320% increase in annual revenue in FY22 and a clear path for even greater YoY growth. Propdial’s success mantra is simple: create a win-win situation for all stakeholders in the real estate and property management sector.

Propdial’s success is based on the adoption and integration technology. The startup is committed to creating tech-based solutions that enhance the customer experience. The startup also increased its efforts to expand its network of service partners. This is a prerequisite for success within the real estate industry.