Vacuum fried technology: Best of both worlds


Indians love their fried food. It’s difficult to resist the temptation of eating fried food. The crunch and taste are addictive. Fried Chicken, Fried Samosa or French Fries are all delicious and make your day. No interaction is complete without eating fried food, whether it’s at parties, work gatherings, or casual chats.

However, not all fried foods can be healthy. This is a well-known fact. These foods are high-in cholesterol and fatty acids, and can be linked to many life-threatening illnesses. What makes fried food unhealthy? The real problem is in the way you fry the food and the fat used to fry it.

Traditional frying is bad for your health because it involves deep immersion at high temperatures and high temperatures, which can lead to the degrading of fats into transfat. Conventional frying can also cause the release of carcinogens into food products because it involves heating oil to very high temperatures. Carcinogens can cause cancer. What can you do? Do we have to give up fried food? Can fried foods be enjoyed without compromising our health?

Vacuum Fried Technology: A Saviour

There’s an alternative way to enjoy the taste and health benefits of fried food. Vacuum-fried food is a new method of cooking food. It involves heating the food in a vacuum chamber, and then cooking it at low temperatures to preserve its nutritional value. Vacuum frying is all about the way the food is cooked in the chamber. Vacuum-frying uses high pressure cooking and low-temperature oils to preserve healthy nutrients. Reduced oil boiling points reduce the risk of food-borne diseases. This results in crispy, delicious food items that are high in nutritional value and low fat.

The Vacuum Fried Technique

1 Oil Reduction – Vacuum Fried Cooking has been shown to reduce oil consumption by up to 70% Vacuum frying can help you avoid these types of life-threatening diseases.

Research published in Journal of Food Science reveals that potato chips fried in the vacuum chamber retain 50% more oil than regular fried chips.

2 Nutritional Value: Another advantage of vacuum-fried food is its ability to retain nutrients throughout the cooking process. Food items are also preserved their natural colours because they aren’t heated up.

Vacuum frying helps foods retain their natural flavour. This is evident in the crunchy texture of fruits and vegetables cooked using vacuum frying. According to the above article, vacuum-fried potato chips can retain up to 95% Vitamin C which is quite impressive by any standard.

  1. Lower Boiling Point – Vacuum frying is different from standard frying, where food is fried at 100°C. Foods that are exposed to high temperatures during normal frying can literally turn them into junk. Furthermore, conventional frying increases the amount of saturated fats in food, making it unhealthy to eat.


Vacuum frying is changing how people view fried food by combining high pressure cooking with low-temperature oil cooking. Fried foods can be healthy if you cook them correctly. Vacuum-fried foods are low on oil and nutrient-dense. They also have the same crispy flavor. You can eat them guilt-free.

There are many snack options on the market that are vacuum-fried. However, not all of them are healthy. Make sure to look for labels with clean ingredients, good oils, and no sugar brands. These snacks are as healthy as regular fried food and taste just as good. If you don’t feel like eating fried foods, then consider vacuum fried food. You will enjoy both health and delicious taste.